Why Greece is the next Big Thing!

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By 2025, Greece could be one of the richest countries in the world; maybe the richest as indicated per capita GDP index.

Is this possible? Let’s use the example of Apple as a ‘turn-around’ story avoiding any other comparison because of the non-homogeneous elements of the two cases.

Today Apple is the world’s largest market cap company (Apple Market Cap.: $700B, 2015). Are you familiar with the fact that almost a decade ago it was merely generating profits? In 2003 the Share was trading at $1, having a Market Cap of $6B.

What we should be considering is what was the dynamic element of Apple’s success? Its Assets!

… And Greece has Assets!

Those who wish to downgrade the dynamic elements of the Assets of Greece while showcasing the debt status or past bankruptcies the country has experienced, I would suggest that this too is another one of its dynamic…

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“We have a business to run!” – Experience No 5

Eugenia Loras

I actually took my Organizer with me into the delivery room when I was about to give birth to my first child, Maggie. I had no idea. I knew that I would have to be away from our school, The Loras English Academy, for some days – and it was the first time I was going to do that too. My doctor was in shock at the sight of a woman in labor with an Organizer but we worked very well together. Excellent teamwork!

The next day, I was overwhelmed; by having our first child and by missing our school. So I did open the Organizer that very next day to make sure that everything was running well. A bank installment had to urgently be paid on that day and I immediately spoiled my husband’s first moments of fatherhood by sending him to make the payment. As soon as he…

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“We have a business to run!” – Experience No 4

Eugenia Loras

Our services – Our rituals:

“So tell us, Mrs Loras, why do you have so many invoices for bottled water purchases?” asked the tax inspector upon visiting and investigating The Loras Academy in Ioannina, Greece. “Just like I wouldn’t want my children to drink bathroom water at their English Language school, that is why I serve clean bottled water to our students.” You are probably shocked by the question I was asked but I must tell you that the tax inspector was actually shocked by the answer.

In some people’s minds, spending time and money on “unnecessary” elements while running a business is wrong. I say and write the exact opposite.

Our young students have always been treated as if they were our own children and the adult students with the respect we would like ourselves to be treated as well. So what is shocking about that? The fact that…

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“We have a business to run!” – Experience No 3

Eugenia Loras

And how can your Saints be happy if your Angels are not happy, too!

My Angels in business, my Guardian Angels in fact, have always been the colleagues I have been working with. Yes, in the business world they would be called employees, but not in my business world. They are my trusted, reliable, highly-established colleagues. They have been working WITH ME instead of FOR ME. I have entrusted them with our precious students and they have respected and appreciated that to a level hopefully many other businesses have experienced the way we have.

It is a big responsibility choosing the right person to work with. The path I have always followed (and I have been very lucky to experience a booming business that needed additional colleagues several times) is that of sharing the same visions. Whenever conducting an interview, I would mainly describe the way our school worked, the…

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“We have a business to run!” – Experience No 2

Eugenia Loras

And now I shall introduce you to a part of my Business Religion: My Clients are my Saints.

Yes, I have always done and always do my very best for them! Yes, they are my students but due to the business format of our Language Schools, they have simultaneously been my clients. I feel no ethical problem naming my students as clients because in the nineteen years that I have been teaching while running my own businesses :

Not once have I sold them anything that was just beneficial for the business.

Not once have I thought of cheating them.

Not once have I recommended anything that I could not personally guarantee.

My reputation, my family’s reputation and my schools’ reputations have never been compromised; even though, I am balancing a school and a business. In times of possible imbalances that always occur in the business world:

There have been…

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