“We have a business to run!” – Experience No 1

Eugenia Loras

I would like to share the anguish and success, the success and the anguish of Language School Owners.

“We have a business to run!” How I love saying that in my most cheerful, dynamic and ambitious tone of voice. I love being an English Language teacher for so many reasons. On both a personal and professional basis, you are offering education while watching (and sometimes helping) children grow; you are assisting an adult add an extra qualification to his professional profile (and thus contributing to his professional development and progress); whether a parent, or a parent-to-be, a relative to a child, or godparent, you are contributing to the child’s upbringing in such an invaluable way.

And all the above are offered by every single educator working in the private or public sector.

When owning your own Language School, however, you truly do have a “business to run”. And believe me…

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