The Principals at Kyaneous


EUGENIA LORAS – Entrepreneur

Eugenia Loras, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, has been managing her own businesses for over twenty years. She was the owner of The Loras English Academy for 10 years in Ioannina, Greece. She now owns The Loras Network (www.lorasnetwork.com) in Zug, Switzerland along with her sister, Vicky Loras. She is also Principal at Kyaneous (www.kyaneous.com), a company she owns with her husband, Thomas Mitsoulis. In 2007, Eugenia was a guest speaker at the University of Ioannina on the topic of Entrepreneurship. In 2009, she was among the initial nominees for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst&Young, Greece. Eugenia has also had the honour of being appointed Interim Key Account Manager at Focus Business Center, in Zug, Switzerland. She has been an Independent Organiser for Usborne Books at Home. She is the mother of two children.

THOMAS MITSOULIS – Economist/Financial Analyst

Thomas Mitsoulis has been an economist for over twenty years.
His Key Achievements include:
– 1998-2002: Thomas was appointed Manager at Private Banks
– 1999: Successfully forecasted the Greek Financial Crisis within 2007 – 2010;
– 1999-2009: Successfully forecasted Athens Stock Exchange collapse, giving a 3-digit target price for ASE-20;
– 2002: Successfully forecasted the collapse of the Greek real estate market in urban areas and highly recommended investments close to the coast line;
– 2002 – 2005: Co-Owner , COO , CFO at VEL Epirou SA (family business)
– 2007: Successfully forecasted global stock market crisis;
– 2008: Successfully forecasted Gold rise setting target price to $1’200-$1’500 from $500-$600. Sold at $1’800;
– 2010: Successfully forecasted the start of the new “Super-Cycle” for the stock market;
– 2013, NOV: Start of Operation Small Hydro Power Plant in Greece;
– 2013: Superior Performance of Long-Term Positions: EU-Nokia, Daimler / US-Intel, Apple, JP Morgan.
– 2013 – present: Principal at Kyaneous, a company he owns with his wife, Eugenia Loras.
He is the father of two children.

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