Why Greece is the next Big Thing!

The Kyaneous Blog

By 2025, Greece could be one of the richest countries in the world; maybe the richest as indicated per capita GDP index.

Is this possible? Let’s use the example of Apple as a ‘turn-around’ story avoiding any other comparison because of the non-homogeneous elements of the two cases.

Today Apple is the world’s largest market cap company (Apple Market Cap.: $700B, 2015). Are you familiar with the fact that almost a decade ago it was merely generating profits? In 2003 the Share was trading at $1, having a Market Cap of $6B.

What we should be considering is what was the dynamic element of Apple’s success? Its Assets!

… And Greece has Assets!

Those who wish to downgrade the dynamic elements of the Assets of Greece while showcasing the debt status or past bankruptcies the country has experienced, I would suggest that this too is another one of its dynamic…

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