“We have a business to run!” – Experience No 2

Eugenia Loras

And now I shall introduce you to a part of my Business Religion: My Clients are my Saints.

Yes, I have always done and always do my very best for them! Yes, they are my students but due to the business format of our Language Schools, they have simultaneously been my clients. I feel no ethical problem naming my students as clients because in the nineteen years that I have been teaching while running my own businesses :

Not once have I sold them anything that was just beneficial for the business.

Not once have I thought of cheating them.

Not once have I recommended anything that I could not personally guarantee.

My reputation, my family’s reputation and my schools’ reputations have never been compromised; even though, I am balancing a school and a business. In times of possible imbalances that always occur in the business world:

There have been…

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